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Your Ford Thunderbird is supposed to be an easily drivable sleek powerful machine, and when it's starting to steer like a big truck, or a motorboat, there's a good chance you need T Bird steering replacement parts. You may notice that your Thunderbird is pulling to one side on a constant basis, check your tire's first, and then check your steering, Thunderbird steering fluid, alignment, and possibly have a professional drive your Thunderbird to discover what the problem may be.

When you need T Bird steering replacement parts. It's time to jump online, you can get your T Bird steering rack, Thunderbird alignment Kit, master cylinder, power steering motor, in any other needs you may have for your T Bird. Ordering is easy and convenient, enter the year of your Thunderbird, engine size, in your T Bird power steering needs will be shown. Order, and they'll be on their way, and you can get your powerful sleek Thunderbird handling the way it should.

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1982 - 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Engine: V6 3.8) 
P/S Hose
P/S Hose
For Vehicle:1982 - 1992 Ford Thunderbird (Engine: V6 3.8)
Retail Price:$89.15
Discount Price:$54.95*
Notes:Pressure - w/ Variable Assist - Pressure fitting of pump is
Stock Number:M2020-173648/GAT

1989 - 1995 Ford Thunderbird SC (Engine: V6 3.8) 
P/S Hose
P/S Hose
For Vehicle:1989 - 1995 Ford Thunderbird SC (Engine: V6 3.8)
Retail Price:$187.06
Discount Price:$110.95*
Stock Number:M2020-173632/GAT

1983 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird (Engine: L4 2.3) 
Steering Rack
Steering Rack
Description:Remanufactured, w/ Turbo
For Vehicle:1983 - 1988 Ford Thunderbird (Engine: L4 2.3)
Retail Price:$180
Discount Price:$90.95*
Notes:Complete with inner tie rods.
Stock Number:M1000-116947/MAV

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